AMP Credit Policy and Payment of Services

Revised 6/1/2017

We encourage our customers to complete a Application for Credit for All Metals Processing of Orange County, LLC (AMP).  It enables us to offer a higher level of service, improves handover at the completion of a job, and reduces our internal transaction costs.

In order to be considered for credit, the customer must:

(a) Anticipate at least $5,000 in annual business with AMP

(b) Complete, sign, and return the Application For Credit. (Link to Application for Credit)

All sales will be on a COD basis until your credit application has been processed and approved.  Upon receipt by AMP of the completed application, the customer must allow at least ten working days in order for AMP to process the application. All interim sales will be COD.  Status of credit applications and be directed to AMP Account Receivable.

Our standard Terms of Sale are NET 30 days from the date of the invoice. We do not offer early payment discounts, but all accounts over 30 days beyond Net Terms are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale and/or loss of credit/terms.

AMP is able to support Credit card transactions for Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. A Convenience Fee (2.5% of transaction value) will be added to the cost of the invoice during payment.


AMP Terms and Conditions

Revised 9/1/2018

Electronic Copy (9/1/2018)

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