Nylon Powder Coat Capabilities added to AMP

All Metals continues to expand capacity and capability to support additional capacity and the needs of our customers.   Nylon powder coat acts as a protective layer especially on parts that have significant movement or deflection.  The project included the purchase and install of a high temperature, calibrated, and qualified oven to support the production.

The approvals that apply to the process are:

  • Solvent Clean- BAC 5750
  • Abrasive Clean- BAC 5748
  • Primer and Nylon per the BAC 5710


The processing is up and running and ready to support your production of this unique application and could support your production as well.

Do you have another process that you are in need of support?  Let us know what we can support for you and the growth of your business.

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Approved Prime Contractors

    • Arconic
    • Lisi Aerospace
    • Triump Group
    • Eaton