To promote adhesion and prevent corrosion of the base metal, we provide a variety of high-quality pre-treatments for steel and aluminum to do the job right. All Metals provides a variety of conversion and pretreatment processes for both steel and aluminum that improve appearance or corrosion resistance and promote adhesion of organic coatings.



Passivation helps improve the corrosion resistance and restores corrosion resistance. It provides a clean surface and eliminates iron contamination and deposits left on the surface of stainless steel during metal fabrication. These deposits, whether loose or embedded in the surface, provide breaks that can allow corrosion to begin. In passivation,

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Phosphates (Multiple)

Phosphate coatings are often used to provide corrosion resistance and prepare surfaces for paint. The porous surface of the phosphate coatings allow them to combine with other sealers for desired properties and interlocking of paint when drying. Fluoride Phosphate coating is used mainly on titanium. It improve paint adhesion, improves

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Chemical Conversion Coating

Chemical conversion coatings are usually used a pretreatment on parts to prepare the surface for excellent paint adhesion. Typically applied by immersion, chromate conversion coatings also produce hydrophobic and abrasion resistance films. Our large crane line has ample capacity for your chem film needs on all sizes and volumes of

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