Wet Prime and Top Coat

Wet Prime and Top Coat

After completion of preparation and pretreatment of parts, they are ready for primer application. Primary is typical on many of our parts either as the final requirement or the first step prior to application of a top coat. Top coats come in a variety of colors, shades, and gloss and adhere well to a primed surface. Various forms of masking are used to allow paint only in a certain area or away from critical surfaces.

All Metals supports the painting of primers and top coats by expanding our number of paint hours, maintaining a dedicated team of skilled masking employees, and by keeping paint supplies available. We have a variety of primers, paints, coatings, and lubes on hand. In addition, our supplies continue to expand as we added qualifications to our already expansive list.

Furthermore, All Metals is driven and passionate in its ability to exceed our diverse set of customer and Prime specifications and quality requirements. Our expert painters take on the skilled task of providing high-quality appearance surfaces, and assuring our quality controls are in place to maintain a controlled environment and be free of FOD.

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Approved Prime Contractors

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